Something Borrowed, Something New

wedding season.  that 8-month stretch where i have lots of (too much) work.  this is awesome, don’t get me wrong.  i wake up every morning during wedding season and go “is this my life?  what did i do right that i get to DJ for a living?”  that’s the glass-half-full version of me.  picture her in a vintage housecoat with perfectly tousled hair and bright eyes (really, please picture her like that).  i’m this girl 90% of the time.

that other 10% of the time, though, i am the feminist, superior-than-thou, hipster music snob that just wants to play under-exposed female artists and f@$k your wedding-industry-standards!

a disclaimer: my wedding clients are cool as hell.  probably the coolest around.  i mean they’re hiring a vinyl DJ to spin soul and hip hop at their wedding, which instantly grants them a towering rung on the coolness ladder.  but still, weddings are weddings.  no matter how hip or different or unique a couple is, there are still guidelines and standards that I need to hold myself accountable to as a wedding DJ.  but i digress.

so, my first blog post.  the intention behind this blog is to post a song a day.  that’s it.  maybe i will write something thoughtful or clever to supplement the Song Of The Day.  or maybe not.  maybe it will end up being more like once a week.  i really don’t know just yet.  but i do know that i’d like to start the SOTD tradition with a nod to a relatively-new, seemingly underexposed (i.m.o.) and totally rad female artist named Tkay Maidza.  She’s got a bunch of fun songs that sort of toe that fine line between good, catchy pop music and hip hop.  This one is my current fave, though:

thanks to my Fellow Female Jewess DJ and friend-for-life Terri R. from Toronto, ON (aka DJ Little Kicks) for turning me onto an amazing re-mix of this song by the very talented Luke Million.  I almost like it better than the original:

this is just one of those songs.  i think if you have ears and like good things i really don’t have to explain why.  enjoy!  and thanks for reading!  more soon…