photo 2012 by Jayd Gardina

I’ve had Ali D.J. for me at a variety of events, from house parties to restaurant gigs to a booze cruise to my 30th birthday party… and every time, perfection! The music is always stellar, the people are always happy and dancing and Ali just seems to make the party. There is no other DJ around that I would want at a function. Simply stated: Ali is the best.  —Derek, Rosendale, NY

DJ Ali makes me want to dance! She DJ’d my 60th brthday party and it was amazing. Everyone loved the music.  —Chaia, New Paltz, NY

DJ Ali’s spinning is like a family dinner where all the crazy uncles, hopped up cousins, and wise grandmotherly types gather in your ear. The songs she selects are like old familiar relatives you didn’t even know you missed, but are so glad they showed up. Her mixes have all the fixin’s, and you leave her parties fully satisfied.  —Juan Estrella of “Bad Princess,” New Paltz, NY

DJ Ali is the best DJ I know of. You know that feeling when you’re getting tired at a party, and you say, “Okay, next dud song, I’ll get off the dance floor”? Well, that song never comes when Ali is spinning. People never stop dancing. I hired her to spin at my 45th birthday party, and it was amazing. She has an incredible, eclectic collection of vinyl and digital recordings, and she tailors the mix to your liking. But it’s a good idea to let her add surprises, because she has amazing taste and a lot to choose from, and she’ll turn you on to music you’ll fall in love with.  —Sari B.  Rosendale, NY

DJ Ali Gruber knows how to rock a party!  She is by far one of my most favorite DJs.  When she’s spinning, I know I’m guaranteed a good time with lots of great dance grooves.  As an event coordinator, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ali to add her special vibe to some of my events.  She is always professional and always on point.  She is definitely a true master of her craft.  – Sadee Brathwaite of La Leona Arts, Kingston, NY